The Need

  1. 45 million American’s suffer from venous disease.
  2. Venous disease is four times more prevalent in patients than arterial disease, which affects only 5% of the population.
  3. The symptoms of venous disease, include lower extremity pain, swelling, varicose veins, restless legs, skin changes and ulcerations.
  4. Heredity is the number one cause of venous disease and is common in both men and women.
  5. Venous disease impacts patients across all age groups and increases with age.
  6. Less than 3% of the patients, who suffer from this chronic disease, have been treated.
  7. Ligation or stripping of diseased veins is no longer the acceptable standard of  care  within the  medical  community.
  8. A new minimally  invasive  procedure  approved by the FDA, endovenous thermal  ablation,  is the gold standard of care for the treatment of venous disease.
  9. Endovenous thermal ablation is performed as an outpatient using local anesthesia only and patients return to their routine activities of daily living immediately following the procedure.
  10. Endovenous thermal ablation has a 99% success rate and a complication rate of less than 1%.