A Message From Our CEO

Dr. Randleman

It is astonishing to realize that 20% of your population suffers with venous insufficiency, a chronic and progressive disease that can be treated with minimally invasive technology. More staggering is that your organization can achieve a multimillion dollar return on investment by meeting the patient care needs within your community.

In the health care arena, there are multiple variables in the equation of success. Understanding the complexity of delivering reliable, consistent and high quality medical care is one of those variables. Another is recognizing that even the smallest of flaws in a system can have serious ramifications, not only for patient care, but for the total revenue of the organization.

Quality is created not by individuals alone, but by a team of individuals working together within a well designed system, a system that maximizes revenue through expertise and service excellence. How do you develop, implement and execute a well-designed system that will increase efficiency and quality while driving out waste and reducing costs? How do you systematically synchronize your processes, such that the value stream runs freely within your organization?

We believe that the answer lies within a management team with specialized experience and a proven track record of success. Having been involved in the health care industry for almost thirty years, we have learned countless lessons on a journey from a private cardiothoracic practice to the subspecialty of vein surgery, from business executive of a national company to consultant for hospitals and vein specialists. Through these experiences, we have diligently worked toward the standardization of processes in a continuous effort to improve quality outcomes and to  impact  the  financial  revenue of the organization.

The one constant in every goal in life, whether personal or professional, is how we  execute  the task at hand. This was profoundly realized when Varicosity Vein Center, through proper management, became one of the most successful vein centers in the country. From a core value of always placing the patient first and a  strong  desire  to  elevate the standard of care  in  the  venous  community, we established Best Vein Care, the first voluntary regulatory framework, that recognizes practitioners for their continual pursuit of quality  excellence.  It was that same core value that supported Varicosity Management Group’s business initiative last year as we established twenty hospital-based vein centers throughout the United States and trained over sixty physicians.

Varicosity Management Group strategically brings the team together, merging their expertise and motivating precise execution of the variables necessary to build a successful vein program.

We invite you to learn about one of the most underserved patient care needs in the United States and how your organization can have a positive impact in your community.

Prepare for tomorrow today,

C. Duane Randleman, Jr., MD

President and Chief Executive Officer